700mm Quad Racing? Thoughts?


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Hey Everyone!

I have been developing a new 250mm Racing Quad and I wanted to reach out to everyone at Flite Test about a possible addition to the drone racing concept. What if we as a community started to develop 700mm Racing Quads?! The little ones are fast, but imagine if you lightened a big guy and had the room for powerhouse electronics onboard! I have started some ideations for one but I want to see what everyone else is thinking. Is this something that a lot of people might get on board with?


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It woulnd't entirely be racing like witht he sub 310 ones though. even if you make it light, it's going to be slower and with more momentum and slower response.

if you made tracks made specifically for them, with more precision maneuvers and such, you could have a ice racing league, where the audience is able to follow what's going on better and it'd be easier to film and carry gear allowing real time tracking.

Then you could make awesome tracks like in the old Slipstream 5000 computer game :)

You could consider it more og a GT racer whereas the ~250's are Carts or F1's


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I would also think something that big would be beyond acceptable safety limits. Bigger = more momentum to stop in a crash. I have seen 250s go for a serious distance. Think of a nascar race where they crash and blow thru safety fencing and cement walls.. I wouldn't mind watching vids of big quad races but no way Id go to one just for that fact.

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Here is my advice, If you want something that is going to be a little bit more agile go with smaller props and higher kv motors, prop angle also plays a big role but that takes a bit of explaining. If you are buying a quad this size I assume it is for videography or something. In that case, go with lower kv motors and larger props. My recommendation for something this size would be a 700-900kv motor with 12 inch props. ESC wise I like 30 amp because it gives me headroom, and that way you can usually use a 10000mah 4s that will give you superb run times.


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I like the idear Think of a hovkey or football stadium suspendet around the field is a large masked net for safy of the ordiens. Around the field is a race way with large duckets concreat pilars. Large tri- quad- and penta-copers swoop around the corse in close persuite. You Will be abele to see the orintation of the mashines as they struggle to negotiate the obsticals and the Sound of 12" props screaming from the strain. Not to meantion the chrashes Carbon and parts shatering as the pilot try to gain the leading place but hit a solid concreat pile. It is pod racing without killing the pilots but the force Will be there


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WAAAAAY back in 2014 we had Chaos and The Beast666.

It is a cautionary tale about flying large, heavy, expensive copters fast.

IMO if you wanna fly fast, go small, light and cheap. I fly a 6" Alien and with the GoPro it's almost $900 in the air. Larger is just more expensive and heavy and heavy means more breakage/expense when you crash.

Chaos built a beauty and crashed it day one. We all knew it would crash and we all knew it would destroy itself in any crash. I think we were all bummed to not have the maiden crash on video 'cause you know it was epic.

In short. If you don't want to be the cautionary tale in 2018, don't fly big copters, fast. It gets incredibly expensive, much more so than minis.


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Im thinking like a Pro Leauge with sponsors like redbull and monster it would bee cheap compared to most other sports


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Thats a really good point! Maybe side thrusters could be added to provide braking? Who knows. Thanks for the input though!


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Im not buying anything that size it would definitely be a custom build with some additional items to help it fly a tighter circuit. Yea just a thought though, keep the posts coming I think it would be cool to see how people could create larger stronger multirotors for racing. The tech is definitely out there