70mm EDF, 2 NTM motors and 4 servos. Any ideas?


So I'm in a slightly awkward situation. I have an X-29 with movable canards and modified with a landing gear. I'm unable to get it off the ground and I think I'll get one flight out of it then build something else, already lost my patience with that one... I also have two 1100kv NTM 28-26 motors that I got from Hobbyking, I think i can run them on 10in props and they'll give some decent power. So know I have two motors and 70mm edf and 4 servos, I would preferably like to build something pretty big but I'm open to any ideas.


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The Hobby King NTM`s are not the strongest motor by any means here are some results of testing not exactly the same motor as it a 1000kv 28-36 but might be helpful.

Motor NTM 28-36 1000kv

prop battery amps watts
10.5 SF 3s 21 250
4s 25 370

10.5 Gem Fan 3s 17 200
4s 22 320

11.5 SF 3s 22.5 270
4s 27.5 370

As can be seen props even of the same diameter and pitch make a huge difference in output SF= Slow Fly.