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for a while ive wanted to build and airliner style plane but have never had two fans the same size. but after seeing ramy and other youtube creators (demondriver im pretty much copying you!) i finally got the courage to try it. and after some tests with building techniques i think ive got it down so i gave it a shot today starting the center fuse and wing. looks good to me but any idea you guys have to make them better are always excepted( ps im no ramy so dont expect anything too special). here are some pics of the fuse coming together, wing pics will be up soon.

i didnt use plans for this as they are hard to find for airliner style planes so i found a dimension drawing of a 787-8 and thats what im going to try and replicate. nose and tail will be hot wire cut unless i can find a lighter alternative
1;45th scale
1.3 meter length
1.25 meter wingspan
12 cm cabin width


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