79" Wingspan Foam Glider For Sale or (Trade)


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79" Wingspan Foam Glider For Sale or (Trade) Only flown 4 times

I'm selling or trading my phase 3 phoenix glider today. It's a little rough around the edges, but it has only been flown 4 times, so if you want it for parts, they all work great. The plane comes ready to fly with a Merit RC 2.4GHz transmitter. As I said the plane is a little rough, some of the repairs ere done with barbecue skewers, so it isn't that pretty but it flies great.



A video I took of it a while back. Hope you like coldplay.

So as you can see, it's pretty ugly, but I love the thing. I hate to see it go, but I've always been terrified to fly it, and now I live in a city so it's kind of impossible.

I bought the plane new for $180, so I would like $100, but considering it may be a parts plane I could knock it don to $75.
Now if it's possible I would rather trade. I don't think I'll get back into the hobby considering if I get cash, it will just pay for some college expenses, so if you have a plane similar to the FT Storch or the FT Bushwacker, I would really rather take that instead. Now if you do want to trade, I would prefer that it is ready to fly, but if not, I could just use the receiver and transmitter from that came with my plane. I would have to find a way to charge the battery though, unless you have a ready to fly that comes with a charger.

If you want to buy the plane will come ready to fly, so it will come with the following: The plane (obviously), transmitter, charger, 6S Battery, and a wall adapter for the charger.

I live in the east side of Louisville, Kentucky. So if you want to meet for a trade I can meet you half way somewhere if it's not to far away. If it is to far away I am willing to ship, but we will have to discuss the shipping plans.

If your interested my email is: austin.newborn@baptistcollege.edu
If you need any more information I would be glad to provide.
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