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8" Sheep herding quad build thread

Well, all the parts are on order and some have started to show up. So time to put together a build thread I guess.

- TBS Source One frame
- TBS Source One 7" arms
- Foxeer Monster Micro Pro camera 16:9
- EMAX Stubby pagoda antenna
- FrSky XM+ RX
- DJI Mavic Pro motors, used
- DJI 8330 folding props
- 3s battery TBD as thrust and stability permits

Reasons for selection:
- TBS frame is tough and cheap.
- Camera: good colour and resolution for spotting sheep. 16:9 as I need to see a wide field rather than spot gates at high speed and angle.
- Motors and props: large props for efficiency, folding for pack size. DJI was the only way to achieve this. Used motors are easy to come by in good condition.
- 3s battery: the Mavic Pro ran a 3s battery so it's a no brainer. I already own a wide selection of 3s batteries so testing to find the max weight will be easy.

The motors and props arrived from Ebay. Pretty much as new with a couple scuffs. I wanted to see how they would run with a regular 30A ESC. The answer: Very well. There are no published specs at all, and once secured to the quad I want to gather a bit more data on them.

Remember to always wear goggles and heavy clothing while performing this sort of test. Also, this vise sucks and always comes unstuck from the bench.
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