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Rotor Riot!
A place to share your musical tastes. Rock? Dance? Pop? Reggae? Post Below!

Remember, no musical style is better than another. Please only post positive comments. :)


Rotor Riot!
I like:

- Dubstep
- Alt. Rock (Type MUSE)
- Rock (the oldschool kind, not the newest simple YouTube kid stuff)
- Metal (Folk Metal or Symphonic Metal) (VERY selectively, depending on lyrics)
- Electronic (some)

I dislike:

- Reggaeton
- Justin Bieber
- Pop music
- Anything with dirty lyrics
- Anything that everyone listens to

Specifically, band names:

- UKF Dubstep
- Daft Punk
- Deadmau5
- Emalkay
- Evanescence
- Korpiklaani
- Nightwish
- Mt Eden
- Silverchair


Rotor Riot!
I listen to literally EVERYTHING!

From rap over pop to oldies and techno.
Can your ears stand this? Can your speakers take it? You really need a subwoofer to check this!

EDIT: Oh take your planes away from your subwoofer! They'll fly by themselves!

Warning people with sensitive ears.

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Senior Member
I listen to Hard Rock and Metal mostly: Metallica, Iron Maiden, ACDC, Disturbed, Godsmack, Faith No More, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Classic Rock: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin
Fusion: Mahavishnu Orchestra

I don't like: dubstep (sorry colorex), rnb, techno, rap, new crappy pop music
I love MUSE, they're my current favorite band. I'm older than most of you. My era was the 80's mostly. Anyone here heard of a So. Cal. band called Oingo Boingo? I've been to many of there shows as I'm originally from Southern California.

How about Parry Gripp? His songs are funny. Here's a good one - "The Girl at the Video Game Store":


Gremlin on the Wing
While watching Disney Channel with my daughter this morning, I noticed that a band she likes has remade a song that I recognized from the late 90's. I searched and found it on the web, and after watching it, I remembered that when I first saw it over 10 years, it made me want to get into building planes. I guess I just forgot, or could not afford it at the time.