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9XR or DX8 with Naza Lite Qaud


Junior Member
I am currently re-building a quad from whats left of my any copter hub. I was flying on the KK2 board and had good success, but crashed and am starting from new. My quad is larger than most commercially avail quads with 650mm between each motor. I built it bigger for more stability with the KK2. I have now upgraded to the NAZA Lite controller, and am setting up my quad for FPV with a 5.8 system. I am currently running a DX6i but am wanting to upgrade transmitters.

My questions is 9XR or DX8? Obviously cost wise I am leaning 9XR, but how big is my learning curve going to be with it and do the benefits of having the costlier and maybe more refined DX8 outweigh the cost savings of the 9XR. Also will either of these transmitters make a difference int he performance of the NAZA lite?


My vote would be for the FrSky Taranis. Build quality is amazing and the OpenTX software is powerful and has way more features than the DX8. The cost is around 200 so it's cheaper, too. The 9xR is decent but takes a lot of fiddling and the build quality is not a nice.


Ive only had the 9XR in my hands long enough to set it up for a friend. My honest opinion is you get what you pay for as it felt cheap and the programming was a chore. I own the DX6i and fly my Hex with it using Naza lite, took a little extra mixing but was able to use the functions I wanted. Never held a Dx8, but my guess is the learning curve would be minimal coming from a DX6. Continue with your research and you will find the best Tx for you. There are questions only you can answer, how much do I want to spend, how many features do I really want/need, etc... Good Luck