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A day at the Fantasy of Flight museum.


Stuck in Sunny FL
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As I mentioned in my other museum tour report, I recently visited central Florida. I had been wanting to visit the Fantasy of Flight museum for quite a long time. One reason in particular, it is home to one of the few B-26's left in the world. The type of plane my father worked as ground crew on during WWII.

This is more than just a museum, it's an aviation experience. There are lectures and tours daily. There's an amazing immersion experience where you can walk through the trenches of WWI and make your way through a B-17 during a bombing run. The sound of the engines running can be felt as well as heard. The only thing it was lacking was the cold of altitude.

Enough talking, here are the pictures.

Fantasy of Flight1.jpg Fantasy of Flight2.jpg Fantasy of Flight3.jpg Fantasy of Flight4.jpg Fantasy of Flight5.jpg Fantasy of Flight6.jpg Fantasy of Flight7.jpg Fantasy of Flight8.jpg
Nice images...

You might consider using a Photobucket account to link the images or just share a link. I would have liked to see some of those enlarged and/or right angled. ;)


WOW! Awesome museum. I've never seen a B-26 in real life. And is that a genuine Zero awaiting rebuild next to the Mig-15 fuselage? I'm putting this one on my list of places to visit!