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A few of my fails caught on video

my over powered twins cargo plane. hand launched do to landing gear problems. prop came off mid flight but landed safely

F-22 edf of my own design horribly underpowered due to design issues. need to go back and finish the redesign. it's just funny to watch it try so hard just to fail

a couple of dumb thumb moments caught on tape
both planes in the dumb thumb video are still flyable. Some glue and some work and they are back up. In fact I've crashed the HK DR.I far worse since that video was taken. The art tech pitts also suffered a worse crash and still flies wonderful.
Even with the balance right they are a handful. still I've had some pretty cool flights. and it's just one of those planes that looks awesome in the air.

here's some of my lesser flights from my 800mm corsair that I decided to learn on

this video was shot just a couple of weeks after I started flying. looking back I feel like I did pretty good despite choosing the worst trainer I could