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A Gift for Flite


Rotor Riot!
A Gift for Flite

Some time ago I received a box from a person who would like to stay anonymous. It came by mail to me, a big packing box which wasn't all that heavy.

When opening it I found me a nice surprise - newspapers. Well, I removed the newspapers and used them later on for painting with a spray can (recycling!). Under the box there was a big box which said "Spektrum DX6i" !!! YEAH! I said to myself. While opening the box up I saw that it was not only the transmitter in the box - There was also an OrangeRx receiver, a Park450 1040kv motor, a 25Amp RedBrick ESC, two HXT900 servos, and two Turnigy9e servos (same thing). There were also spare batteries for the Tx.

I have enjoyed this gift very much, and I wanted to share it with you as an update.

As I now have stuff to scratchbuild, I'm working with EPS foam trying to make some kind of shockflier. It's not getting quite right, so I'll probably scrap that and make an F-22 as seen on the FliteTest facebook page.

FYI, I have 10x4.7 and 8x4 TGS props for it. I like the 8x4 better as it is much sturdier.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I have been able to fly my tricopter without the need for a superlong antenna on the 72MHz band. I have also flown my Bixler with it. I'm currently changing the OrangeRx between everything I have, but future plans are for a couple of receivers on an order.

I really enjoy the DX6i as it is really nice, has a great range, and is easy to use. Here's a picture, notice the nice flitetest sticker I put on it!



New member
There are truly some special people out there in this scary world.
Thank you anonymous.
Enjoy the gift Andre.


Rotor Riot!
nice gift !!!

enjoy it !! try the Diablo plans i have posted !! you have all it takes to make this scratch build

thats exaclty the same specs im using.... (1050 kv with 10x4.7 1300mah - 2200mah lipo)


Good idea! I'll definitely try that! I was building a Nasty out of EPS, but I must invest in better quality foam.

nice eye for the detail ... i missed that !!!

Yeah the diablo is better since it will twist less ...

the Diablo plan is very clever, the "vertical fuselage" assembled with the "horizontal"; have a "slide in" part at the tail that concedes a very sturdy fit.


Rotor Riot!
How is your Diablo going ? Flying ?? must show pics / vids !!!
My sheet of foam turned into a FunBat... I realized I haven't flown the simulator for a while... So I just built a FunBat to fly at the beach. I think it will last longer. Sorry.

Tomorrow should be the maiden BTW.