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Heya community of flitetest !

I have a quire which i would love answer'd. "what is a good fun plane". I'm fairly new to the hole flying hobby but am fast learning. My fleet consists of some nine eagles gliders and a stryker (all of which I am pleased to say i'm capable of flying!) but was wondering what the next step would be. I was thinking something along the lines of a fun cub or an easy star but unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch that far, i have all the radio gear but would love to have opinions heard about the next fun plane. Another complication to throw into the mix is that ideal'y sometime soon i can launch into FPV as i love the hole idea of doing what appears to be playing a video game... in real life. I would much appreciate all help. My budget is give/take about £100 as the rest im hoping to spend on an FPV set up!

Thank you
~ olly

PS (I'm only 14 and thoroughly enjoying the hole flying process!)

EDIT: I also forgot to mention anything that fly's interests me, including multi roters etc!
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Questions like this come up often.

Fun is very subjective. What is fun for one person, might be boring or frustrating to someone else.

Some of the things to consider when suggesting a plane include, but are not limited to...


You've said you can afford £100.

What do you need to go with it? Are you asking for a ready to fly package, with the transmitter included? A plug and play where it has all of the electronics already, and you just need to add your radio gear to it? Are you looking for just the airframe? Or are you after plans, that you can build your own plane from?

You stated that you have the radio gear.

Where will you be flying it? Are you looking for something that you'll be flying at a club field? Or will you be trying to buzz around your back yard?

You didn't mention this detail.

What skill level plane are you interested in? Are you looking for something speedy and agile, or slow and forgiving?

You asked for a trainer. So slow and forgiving would likely fit the bill here.

The Hobbyzone Supercub might be the way to go here. I'm not sure if they sell them without the radio, and with the radio I think it might be above the price range you had in mind. You could buy the airframe and try to budget together the rest of the components.

There will be plenty of other suggestions to follow. I'm curious to see what other planes people recommend.
Heya Flyingmonkey, Thanks for the feedback.. My idea of fun would be well sort of scaled a good all round plane that can take some battering, i love the silly and odd aspect such as the ludicrously sized wheels on say a fun cub. Im looking for a package that requires nothing other than battry and tx/rx as i have a dx6i. Also it would be ideal if it ran from a 2200mah 3s. Flying will take place in my uncles farm, we are planning to make a runway sometime soon so thats not such an issue. skill level would be around intermediate. Thanks once again for replying :D ~ olly

Also the price is subject to change, i can afford upto £250 but idealy i wouldnt like to blow all my money on one item!

Oh and idealy 4 ch +
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A Bixler, or a clipped wing floater jet.
Both are excellent planes, although the AXN floater jet has great electronics, it needs rudder to aileron mixing to fly well.
The Bixler is more durable, but often needs a power plant upgrade. Recommendation? By a bix kit, and put a FJ replacement motor, a plush 30, and 4 HXT 900s. This can Carry you into basic FPV as well.

Go have fun!

Also if you can fly a Stryker q, you can fly almost anything. If its a c, you can fly most wings and warbirds.
XD your not going to belive this ... about 1 week ago my dad bought a bixler ... with a motor upgrade :/ so any other reccomendations ... kinda looking highwing maybe leaning away from powerd gliders ??. And yeah its a Q and i love flying it but was looking for something different (also this is guna be hated apon but the stryker was my first plane so i picked it up the technique quite quick!)
Yeah that sort of thing, anything well fun really doesnt specificly hve to be a trainer but just along those lines. Also your help is much apperciated!

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Sounds like the fun cub is right up your alley and you're already interested in it. It's a great plane. I got the chance to fly one and I love it. You could always buy the hobbyzone cub without the radio and bind it to your DX6i. With the fun cub you have to provide a receiver (hobbyking orange rx) and battery (flies on a 3s 2200 and the supercub can too) and the motor, esc, servos. The supercub comes with servos, brushed motor and esc but it's only 3 channel. With the fun cub you can go right to 5 channels with flaps. It's also very float capable, comes with the big wheels already (you'd have to add them to the supercub) plus the fun cub is bigger. Has a 55" wingspan versus the supercubs 48". It will carry a bigger payload (FPV). I love my supercub but honestly I'd rather have a fun cub. They didn't have them when I got my supercub though. The supercub is a better trainer/first plane but if you already know how to fly I just love the fun cub.
Yeah, its the perfect plane just its guna take a while to be able to afford it :/ still thankyo a bunch for the helps ! Yeah, its the perfect plane just its guna take a while to be able to afford it :/ still thankyo a bunch for the helps !

EDIT: if you were to just by the airframe do you recon you could by the electronics from hobyking for cheaper ?

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Ah, it helps if people put their location by their avatar when asking this stuff. I bet you could find similar prices on them.
Yeah quite expensive, but thanks for the recommendation anyway! I think i might give the FT cruiser a bash at building etc. Any personal fav swappables and reviews etc on the cruiser ??