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a Great Day with Awesome planes


Senior Member
so today me and teach met up again, but teach brought a friend, and his boy. and i brought my "better Half" and we had an amazing day at the field! flew the always amazing corsair, no crash but my low roll made for some sphincter factor, flew the mossie, they flew their EDFs, sky hawk? (lol still don't remember the name) sky surfer, and another one or two. and an attempt at a fixed(?) phantom. flew a lot today, calm winds, overcast late but sunny most of the day. this time thankfully we didn't have to recruit the deicer! hahaha!! ;) Also heres some pics of the awesome day!

photo-4.JPG photo-5.JPG photo-6.JPG photo.PNG photo.JPG photo-3.JPG photo-2.JPG photo-1.PNG

hope they look ok! taken on an iPhone lol :rolleyes::cool:


I posted my pics about 2 minutes before yours under the Aerial Videos forum. It was a blast today, man! Hope you can make it Tuesday and check out the stuff the kids are building and, most likely, crashing! LOL!!!!