A guy in Utah built this Modified Bush Plane & the FT Bushwacker is what his plane Was/Is! Check it out here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqhI


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I Love FT, because I grew up at my Grandpas Hobby Shop (sold Trains, Planes, Hobby Stuff & anything else related) & My Parents owned a Flight School! I flew an airplane on tv when I was 10 (1986), Pilots license at 16 & an A&P Mechanic Sign Off at 18. In 2002 I built 2 Balsa Wood Airplanes, for my parents. 1 was of our first airplane & 1 that we put a higher HP engine on, stripped paint off, repainted a very custom paint job & all new interior (our Last Plane we owned)! after building them I made an all balsa wood f22 on my own design, That flew really good... I worked at Embassy Suites, my boss asked if it would fly across the large atrium & it did perfectly! Then I went home & flew it from my apartment... It went across my parking lot & landed in the backyard 4 houses away! Unfortunately their dog chewed it up! :)