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A Master series Fairchild PT-19

Ryan O.

Out of Foam Board!
The Fairchild PT-19 has quickly become one of my favorite aircraft because of its simplicity and tendency to fly on ground effect forever. I have heard from many people who have fond memories of the infamous COX Pt-19 control line/RC airplane. Because it has relatively simple lines it could be a good master series plane that can be made faster than the Corsair or P-47. The long nose section also means that with a small motor you don't need nose weight and as FPV the open canopy is pretty cool. There also aren't that many models of the PT-19 out there and I think all of them are Balsa which might dive away some people. Since I really enjoy the idea of a foam board PT-19 I might even make a giant one myself in a few years. Also, might there already be a design out of foam board for one? Thanks.