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A new Warbird, Yokosuka D4Y-2s


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starting in wrong end? :D BR2830 1300KV brushless motor, servos, 3 blade props , landing gear w/wheels ordered. Electric retracts & spinner i have from before. I even got a cheap elevator fin from a F4U who is pretty similar to the Yokosuka elevator fin, in correct size.

BR2830 1300KV motor: 11.1v - 9050prop, thrust 1130g 238w
14.8V -1045prop, thrust: 1310g ... that should be ok


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today ive build the front fuselage shape in 280% enlagred papermodel , by size 360mm X 175mm X 110mm (need adjust to to get the size i want, here it got 1320mm wingspan..) ......just to see if the papermodel plans could be used a bit... and yes, it did, the skins seems accurate to get the shape it should. I will try making the parts of fuselage by the papermodelplans, adjusting for foamboard thickness at eg. the formers. If get what i see now, it should be quite possible convert a papermodel plane to foamboard build.

(horrible to get the paper hang together to set some tapebits in place, withouth crunch the whole model .:confused: )


My experiences at moment to build this from papermodel plans...
I did build some of the fuselage by paper in the size i plan to use foamboards, and it went pretty well with fitness of parts. When do in foamboard things come up..
The fit isnt superb perfect, and parts need adjustments to do it. Mainly it seems because the thickness of a foamboard vs just paper, or irregularity in copying the parts, even if tried taking that in consideration, as eg. the size of formers.. But with the scalesizes worked out, just minor adjustments is needed to get best possible connections. I still havent got connections "much off" and needed put in extra foam, rather cut some away. Specially the fuselage skins 1 - 2 did came "off" with needed minor adjustment to get a "seamless" connection. I tightened the radius in front of skin 2 a touch, and it went well.
I have made original pictures, drawings eg together as the paperplans same scale to fit the size for the build, it helps a lot, for references/measures between, even if need go forth and back between, to check.

All in all, i feel it gets quite ok enough to try further build it from the papermodel plans. Of course internal construction gonna be different.
No, this is not an easy build, not just because the Masterbuild technique, but since most every part needs check for fit, and possible adjusting, and if need make new parts in a bit other shape.


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more experiences...
Well, build from paperplans isnt perfect.. every part needs adjustments. Perhaps if scanned and reworked in 3D to get plans fit to foamboard? Still we wouldnt have all needed to do it...

When building the whole fuselage, it isnt enough to get every section to fit the others...but also to fit the main outer lines of whole fuselage, to get it straight! Every part of fuselage needs measured vertical when fuselage stand at nose at all sides, to get every part correct. A couple of mm off, will be seen later. In this plan it aint formers for each section either.
It neeeds a lot of scratchbuilding "on-the-go" , papermodel plans can be used as a start though, but builder needs skills to measure/adjust accordingly to get it ok. Its not enough to just "follow the plan".
More work done. Fuselage is complete, and painted! As seen on earlyer pictures, rivets and seems is there... still it is, shown trough the paint, even if more faint, and not as easy seen on pictures. Some is remade too.. Canopy is done too, i was "lucky" find the right plastic bottles to make the sections from.
Center section of canopy is also a hatch to reach electronics/battery. Big nosecone that fit the shape of nose, is shipped. A few 3-blade props versions already in house. Wings are ready planned, approx 3-5% dihedral as the original, and will get retracts.

Personally i feel the build does look as planned, even if not thought it wouldnt be as big it is. ! :)

DSC_0126 (1).JPG


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Gonna do servoless retracts, eg, and thought of making wings detachable. Later i saw this would be some extra work & weight, and need of cutting fuselage in belly fully open again, i decided to not make wings detachable. To get the retracts correct best fit eg, i mountes underwings at fuselage (without the flaps/ailerons) at an incident of 1 degrees, and approx 3.3 degrees dihedral as orginal. Still not got the ordered foamboards and servos though. Scalewise, the wings should even be a touch thicker, i felt it was enough.. Wings are as at orignal placed mid/low.

The servoless retracts was bought cheap on a sale, and more than strong enough for this model. Together with retract wheels/stand of a Spitfire this will be perfect. Even if the stands needed some changes to fit as i wants.

Also made a foam machinegun for rear of cockpit, and pilot "bombsight".

Reinforcing spars in wings is by wooden paintsticks, who is as strong & light as plywood (at least this ones) , glued together with overlapping joints with Gorilla glue. It dont break easy by knowledge!
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