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A Place Called Crucita


Rotor Riot!
Crucita Beach is where I usually fly my Bixler. When the sea tide is low I have more than enough space to land. However yesterday I was up on a hill with a view over the beach town, and thought "this would make a perfect (almost, due to wind) place to fly FPV!"

This is the view from the hill:


There's LOS from up there to the whole town, and even further. There's LOS like 10 Km! Not like I'd ever fly that far away... but to fly close over the beach, on a highly tourist-active day, over people's heads, that would be awesome! Maybe someone will lend me a GoPro? :cool:

Now up on the hill there is a nice place to stand, to put a tripod with a patch antenna. Public access, it's a bar/hangout type place:


There is a place to land too, as they fly paragliders off the hill. I bet the seaside of that hill is a heck of a place to do some sloping - constant wind, and a super steep hillside - if it's enough to give paragliders unlimited flight time, then why not a Bixler?


The beach down the hill is a nice place to bathe and have fun as well, when you run out of battery juice!



Propaganda machine
Very cool. Looks nice. The only trouble with flying off hills is finding yourself again to land. Maybe it gets easier with experience, and I have very little, but when flying from a clear, flat space like a sports oval, it's really easy to find your way back. But when flying from a hill, I've found it really hard to spot myself on the hill or sometimes even which hill I'm flying from!

Definitely have a spotter watching your plane with binoculars the whole time.


Rotor Riot!
Oh, it shouldn't be that hard... The hill is right next to the shoreline, and there are no other hills around that place. It shouldn't be that hard. It's also the place that's farthest up on the hill, and it has a house behind it... Shouldn't be a problem.