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A place to ask for an article?

I always wish there was some where to ask for a certain article. Not just an answer from a forum post but a more in depth article. Maybe a spot in the forums to ask for a particular article, if there isn't already. If I missed that then let me know. I was wanting to see an article on cutting a motor shaft. I can figure it out on my own, but I would like to see how some one with more experince would do it.


Rotor Riot!
Hey Hasersys, you just made the thread you requested for. Unfortunately, for me cutting a shaft means getting a saw or a Dremel with cutting wheel and just cut the shaft. And, all my shafts are perfect length so no article from me about that.

If you do try it out, I'd recommend you remove the shaft completely, if possible. Fix it in a vice and place the cutting mark as close to the vice as possible to prevent bending. Then sand the cut to get a smooth nice edge.


More combat please...
Measure twice cut once.
I don't prefer to remove the shaft to do this.
I put the motor into a zip lock bag and stick the shaft through a small hole in the bag.
What you are trying to do here is keep the filings/cuttings from getting suck into the magnets.
A dremel cutoff wheel (I prefer the re-inforced ones) makes quick and easy work out of it.
Don't put much pressure on the wheel, just enough to make it spark, if it's throwing sparks, it's cutting.