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A sneak peek at what's coming from me and Team Basement RC

Hey gang. About a year ago I started work on a project that at the time was just for me. I've since teamed up with Team Basement RC (TBRC) to produce my Boomer as a product that I can share with the world. It's still in the prototype stage at the moment, and we are hoping to get it to the store very soon. Flight footage also coming soon.

I just thought I'd give you guys a sneak peek at the TBRC Boomer.
I apologize for the bad video quality.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. I've been a member of Flitetest from pretty much the beginning, they got me into the hobby. So I am ecstatic about being able to give back to all of you guys.

(aka the guy whom you go to for the Flitetest Member map)


Junior Member
That seems like a really decent idea you have going there. It would make it much easier for me to travel anywhere with a fold up wing. My Flitetest blunt nose versa takes up all the space in the world, even in my pickup truck. I love my wing but that thing looks like I could fit it into one of my backpacks and go for a mountain walk or something without my huge wing catching half the forest with me on some of those tighter trails.

Keep up the great work with updates on that one and you might have a customer on your hands right here.

P.S. Do you have a website, or using the team basement one?


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Great idea! You will have to keep us all updated on this. I like the way it folds up in fourths. Very small for transport and storage.

Keep up the good work!
Hey Nailedup. Thanks. yeah I know its a pain, I used to have a versa wing, flew great but was tricky to transport.
yep, www.TBRCWings.com is our site, but the Boomer isn't on there just yet. I want to do some more testing before i pop it onto our store.

Thanks themajik1. I am working with a company to produce a little carry bag for this too. which will make transporting this around so much easier. Stay tuned :)
I'm loving that! It totally looks like something I'd be able to drag around with me at work and whip out when I have a few minutes to go flying. :)
I went out flying with some friends on the weekend, here are some teaser images. working on a flight video.

Get excited!!!

Here is some flight footage I took last weekend. Finally got it all cut together. I absolutely love how this plane flies. There are still a couple of small tweaks we're making to the design so that when you get it its as good as it can be. Trust me, you wont be disappointed with this wing.

I went for some more flying on my Boomer today. I got almost 20 minutes of flight time on a 2200mah battery!!! I'm super happy with that. There were moments of going full throttle, but most of time I was just cruising around. Super happy with how its performing :)