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A teenager's abandonned project ressurected!


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A silly teenager wanted to get into RC airplanes but was met with adversity and mostly discouragement. It won't fly, it'll be too heavy, you're a beginner you'll just crash it etc etc

It was for a high school project for a class from which he got booted out of so with the high cost of components ( at the time) and the incomplete plane and no motivation to continue the plane laid abandoned in the basement.....

for 15 years....


That teenager was me, the plane has inherited a motor and will soon fly..

It's huge about 7 foot in wingspan, it's poorly built, it's old, it's ugly but it will fly. I received no help ( local hobbists mostly discouraged me) and built it based on who knows what

And once it does I'll get the closure, hand the controls to my girlfriend and watch that sucKer crash!

Video to come soon :)


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I thought it was just me when I saw the pic and wondered "where is the rest of the tail?".
It really doesn't look bad at all. Iron on covering takes a little getting used to and some practice to get perfect. There are also a few techniques that help with a wrinkle and warp free covering job. A few wrinkles never kept an airframe from flying though, so I wouldn't worry too much.
Truly the worst part of this story is the local pilots and their attitude towards a young flyer. I know some people just are not skilled dealing with others, but usually you have no trouble finding a helpful modeler to get advice from. Sorry you got that kind of treatment, but at least you didn't give up completely and now have a second chance to fly!


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Agree with the tail size, I'll make the control surfaces quite large to make up for it and if it's still under-controling I'll rebuild a tail out of foam