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A Tricopter's Tale


As some of you know (and I say this only due to my completely unfounded narcissism), I resisted the temptation to build a multirotor for a couple of years. I even mocked the idea of something the flew solely on motors and rotors. Finally, I gave in to the temptation to build something inherently unstable and incapable of sustaining flight without power and input from a human or computer.

I ordered a Bat Bone kit, a KK2 (then a 2nd KK2 due to a dead LED screen), the accompanying electronics and appurtenances and built one of these unnatural beasts. After our forum moderator generously mailed his USBasp to me in order for me to update the firmware, I was almost instantly addicted. The newly found degrees of freedom stimulated my brain in ways that a fixed wing never has. And, as we all should know, brain stimulation is frowned upon by the less adventurous among us. That's enough for me.

I spent a fair amount of time learning to fly this demon and feel as though I did fairly well. Once I had reasonable confidence, I thought that I'd like to try to light it up and try some night flying. I bought some LEDs at radioshack. They worked, but were not nearly bright enough. The, Liemavick dropped some more LEDs in the mail and sent them to me. I installed the individual LEDs and the Bat was lit up like a flying Christmas tree. (Brian, your arrays are still safe!)

We had some friends over last Saturday for steamed crabs on the back deck. I decided this would be a good evening to test my ability to manage orientation at a distance at night. If you are from anywhere near the Eastern Shore, you can fill in the unknown in the following equation: Friends + Crabs + _____ = :D. As such, you can appreciate that ______ + RC aircraft + nighttime = :black_eyed:.

Long story short, my Bat Bone has disappeared. It is nowhere to be found. I've searched for it for the last week with no luck. I've searched in the cemetery. I've searched in the multiple pastures across the road from the cemetery. It has simply disappeared. I am not so much upset at the loss of the thing, as it can be replaced. I'm completely consumed with the mystery of where it could be! The tricopter is out there, somewhere.
Oh that is awful! Any pics of the lost Tri that you could put on a flyer like a lost puppy? Maybe someone came across it and took it home to care for and feed it :D (Sorry couldn't resist) Good luck in your continuing search.


Senior Member
Oh you poor bloke

I feel for you mate, you'll find her and when you do the feeling will be like when you discover that last beer hiding behind the "last beer" in the fridge ;-)


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Oh my, our new Sith lost his Light Saber, he did! Tsk Tsk! :p

Teach that IS a BAD deal for sure! Use the force (the force of reward $ offered that is)