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the cowls are for 90mm fans and each it rotated by a micro servo in the "wrist". the tail is also set up to put a servo for rudder movement. the fuselage can hold a 6S lipo along with a kk2 and a gimbal in the nose. the hole for the dome is 3in. if anyone has any better ideas please comment and let me know.

UPDATE 8/2/15: im working on moving the tilt servos into the body and using carbon fiber drive shafts, this will give more strength and less weight in the arms. also changing the 3" dome to the 4" dome from RangeVideo.com

UPDATE 11/29/15: still working on the design of the new arms. right now the biggest problem is finding a flight controller that can utilize the movement of the front arms. or maybe someone has experience in programming flight controllers? i also need to find a good set of blades, ones that have a lot of thrust at low speeds.


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that looks so much like the Hunter/Killer drone from terminator. really cool, i really want to try to make a vtol pelican dropship from HALO once I get into multi rotors
Wow, this is incredible! I saw your design on thingiverse and was amazed by it. I have been working on a partially 3d printed VTOL myself and have the same question about the flight controller. I know a KK2.1.5 can work, but I have had a much better experience with my NAZE32 than the KK. A NAZE32 VTOL software would be a dream come true.
how hard is the naze32 to write software for? all of the motors can turn from 0 to 360 but cant keep going because of wires. so say i wanted to hover but pointed straight down.
I'm not sure. I am willing to give it a shot but I hardly have any experience with writing software. It would be really cool if we could get something to work on clean flight to make it easier for everyone to build VTOLs. I'm sure it is possible to do. NAZE32 on clean flight can stabilize planes or multi rotors so I bet we could make it switch in flight somehow.
just had a idea, what if i put vains all the way past the fans in the edf cowl? like put an x in it to channel the air straighter. i dont know alot about aerodynamics and EDF ducts. im using AUTODESK Inventor and Flow Design but im not sure how well Flow Design can simulate edf fans. if anyone knows more about this i can definitely use the help. Thanks.