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A3 Pro Gyro won’t Bank left

I’m hoping somebody has more experience than me. I’m using the A3 Pro gyro in the explorer and when I’m in auto stabilize mode I can bank left at all. I still have full rider control but I have to switch back to normal mode to bank left. When I’m in the ground ask the controls respond as they should and the surfaces react properly when I’m stabilize mode on the ground.
I’ve tried recalibration the Accelerometer and recalibration the stabilize mode but that hasn’t helped. let me know what you think will help.


Legendary member
I’m thinking the A3 is limiting the amount of throw when in auto stabilize mode.

Are you using a 3 channel setup, rudder only OR a 4 channel setup, rudder & ailerons?
I’m in for channel with rudder and ailerons. I have noticed that the amount of throw in the ailerons is limited when tested on the ground. is there a way to increase the amount of throw for the auto stabilize?