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Adding Bluetooth to Multiwii Pro 3, Do I need to edit the sketch?


Junior Member
One of those "simple" addons...

I am flying a quad with a witespy multiwii pro 3 FC board on it and the oem sketch which includes the GPS. So far I love it. Decided to add a redbear bluetooth module and it doesn't want to tell me what the FC board is doing. It seems like a comm problem between the BT module and the FC board.

The one thing I have not done is make any changes to the sketch itself. Is there something in the config.h I need to edit when I add a BT module? Baud rate maybe?

Thanks for any help.



Some guy in the desert
Depends on how the sketch is setup. I'm not sure what RTFQ is doing right now on his sketches so I can't say for sure. But basically with MW any port that isn't configured for something specific gets telemetry on it. So you can't use whatever port is setup for the GPS. You'd have to use one of the other serial ports or change the config to disable GPS on the one that it's currently on if that's the one you want to use.


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Where in the sketch would I look to see serial port config? RTFQ has a header labeled for bluetooth but I would like to verify it's "on" in the sketch.
I have comms with the board but it seems like there is a break between the BT board and the FC board.