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Adding some visual effects and animation to aerial video test 2

My latest video, incorporating some visual effects & animation.

Software used: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, GoPro Software

I was browsing youtube and was surprised by the amount of free stock green screen footage that is available. So I decided to try to incorporate some into one of my new videos. There is a sweet dragon at the end, you will see it lol.

Also I was flying around in multiple locations that were somewhat close to one another. While at the first location I focused on the building in the distance while flying that was going to be my next destination. Then in post video editing I was able to combine clips and make it seem like I was quickly jumping / warping to a new location. This is just a crude test though I intend to start using this as a technique in future videos for my channel and website cinemaflight.com

I first began with Sony Vegas, then stepped up to premiere pro and after effects. I have used Imovie only once on a friends mac and just found it to be too simplified. I have always been a windows PC guy and build all of my workstations specifically for video editing now. Premiere pro is simple to learn and I learned through youtube tutorials and lynda.com training. Premiere in my opinion gives you many more options in regards to editing and better control than Imovie, though I am not an avid mac user I am just basing this upon my few times using Imovie. After effects is a bit more confusing than premiere when you first start using it though you quickly get the hang of it. I usually begin editing in premiere pro, then render out a high quality version to further edit and add effects to within after effects.
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I knew that one was coming lol, lets see how many people end up liking the video. If more and more people request a tutorial I will definitely make one! Thank you for watching my video and taking interest!

If your interested in seeing more samples of my work check out my site www.cinemaflight.com
Really cool! :) Adding elements to the video after can be pretty tricky, especially when it comes to masking things frame by frame. Certainly arduous, but this looks sweet :D

Kind regards,
Francis :)
Also I left out one tool, mocha v4 for after effects. It is a motion tracker tool that saved me a bunch of time for the subtle animations I added that were tracked to the shots. You pick out points on the screen and then basically press play and it will track what you select and give you keyframes to copy that you can then past into after effects and match things up with your shot perfectly without having to animate something frame by frame manually.