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Advice for new radio please

I'm new to the hobby and so far have been using a FlySky FS-CT6B 2.4G 6CH Radio System to fly some Experimental Airlines designs. Haven't had any real issues with the radio or receiver but have outgrown it. I hate that I have to hook it up to a laptop or PC to change model settings and that it doesn't have memory for multiple models.

I want to go the inexpensive route so I've been looking at the new Orange RX T-Six transmitter, the Turnigy 9X and Turnigy 9Xr. I want reliability, good range, model memory and inexpensive receivers so I don't have to use the same one from model to model. I like the idea of having the 9 channels Turnigy offers but am not opposed to keeping at 6 for now if the Orange transmitter is better.

Which would you choose and why? Also are there other radios I should be considering?



I purchased a DX6i and love it so far, Im still new at this game but its an easy radio to program once you get the hang of it. Only issue I have with it is the LED display isnt backlit so in certain lighting conditions its a tough read.

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My Orange T-6 LCD display died on day one, and others have had similar problems. Too bad, as the radio really seems to have promise. I returned it and bought the Turnigy 9X and upgraded it to the ER9X and love it!


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+1. the 9x is awesome. I haven't gotten around to upgrading to ER9X, but even without it it is a solid reliable radio. you can buy it, then over time upgrade to ER9X, and upgrade the module. it can grow with you.

frankly, I didn't buy the 9xr because it is the most hideous thing I have ever seen. and because Bruce from RC Model Reviews, his review wasn't very positive.
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The biggest plusses for the 9XR over the 9X are the pre-installed backlight, pre-loaded ER9X and the ability to update through the AVR port (rather than having to solder it up yourself). However many people (including me) find it hideous. I think Bruce was a bit too harsh on the 9XR, and I think if he'd never seen a 9X before he'd have sung its praises. I think it's great value and I'd buy one if I was getting another transmitter. However I've already done all the hard work on my two 9Xs, and do love their feel in my hands (I've also greased up the sticks so they're smooooooth).
Thanks for the replies thus far... I think I'm leaning toward the 9XR so I won't have to spend my time modding to add back light, solder to upgrade firmware, etc. Question I have for those that use the 9XR is what module do you use with it and why? Thx.


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I'll weigh in again, as I use a modules in my 9Xs. The OrangeRX DSM2/X module is OK. I don't use it for anything other than parkfliers, and I don't trust it on thermal gliders, but for normal park flying it's fine. The antenna position is an absolute pain, but other than that seems to perform OK (in my opinion).

For longer range stuff (FPV and thermal soaring) the FrSky telemetry gear is rock solid. I have 100% confidence in it line of sight, because I can fly a couple of km FPV without any glitches. If you want peace of mind that the radio gear is not the issue in your crash, this is the system for you. However the receivers are about $15-$25 each, compared to $6 for the OrangeRX ones.

So that's my $0.02. I use both, and they both have their purpose.

On the annoying antenna position thing, if I had a 9XR I'd get FrSky and wait for the purpose made DSM module that clicks into the internal antenna to come out.