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Advice on starting an event?

Hello community.
I organize an event at my local airport every year, and struggle to get more RC pilots. Can anyone offer advice on getting more RC on site? The date for 2020 isn't set yet, but will be at least September. I wanted to get a jump on planning.
We fly RC anything and full scale anything all day, then at night fly RC only. Also, we camp. All at my local airport.



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Do you send out fliers to local clubs, get on facebook ( as much as I do not like it ) do search for RC clubs put up fliers on there web sight with the pertinent information. We have guy`s here that travel well over 200 miles to go to Fly In`s. Do you do any thing fun like combat, limbo, put a balloon on the ground and try and break it, there is all kinds of thins you can do to make it FUN.
I have two daughters and so I every year have to celebrate their birthdays and when this time come I have to look everywhere for decorations and all the staff which I will need and sometimes it took me a whole week for preparations, but I was sure of one thing that I mustn't complain my minds about the light, because this AV equipment is the best in town. This company provides indoor & outdoor event lighting services nationwide for any event, so you can address them for help.
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