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Advice please! Xhover quadcopter detailed in FT build video, self level or not?

Hello, I'm fairly new to quadcopter flying, I've had a few toy grade quadcopters, but nothing hobby grade. Is there a way to change the xhover r5x between self level, horizon, and acro modes, so I can slowly progress as I learn? How would I go about doing this if it is possible? Also, what mode is it best to start off in? Is it possible to go from self level to acro, once you are used to self level?


Wake up! Time to fly!
Yes you can set it up to have all three modes on one switch. I started out with my runner 250 with all three . Then when I went to the Versa Copter angle mode was no longer needed so I set the switch to do Horizon, Acro, Acro with air mode so I could take off and land without the air mode bunny hops.

Now after flying for a year I can say for sure acro is the only way to go. You have to tune your quad in acro mode so usually by the time you have it dialed in you are already used to flying in acro for the most part. I only kept a self level mode on mine because of them occasional "Oh crap" moments you lose signal when flying FPV. If it was more then a split second or a flash or two I cut throttle and hit level mode to slowly go higher til good signal returned knowing I wasn't facing in a bad way to hit something or crash.

If you want to while the weather is crappy (depending where you live) I suggest getting FPV Freerider flight simulator to practice on. That is a really good representation of FPV once you learn how to set the settings to be close to how your real quad flies. It also has a line of sight mode which will help as well so you can see how fast the quad will flip and roll before trying to fly FPV and build the muscle memory without having to pay for parts to repair your quad.
Thank you very much, two quick questions. Does it come with all three flight modes already set, or do I have to do it myself? Also, I heard that flying fpv vs los is completely different for acro mode, is there one you suggest I learn first?