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Advice rebuilding my flying wing


Junior Member
Hi everyone,
I was given this wing about 10 years ago. I have no idea what model or brand it is, it seems to be a self designed wing but it has a nice epoxy/glass fuselage which looks more mass produced, so I don't really know, perhaps one of you guys have seen one before.

I am trying to decide wether to bebuild it and get it flying or bin it and just buy a foam wing from HK, I know it will probably be cheaper to buy a new wing but I hate wasting hobby stuff and I would get some satisfaction by rebuilding and having it fly again.

From memory it had a 380 size motor with a folding prop, but I have no idea the exact specs, and I have no idea where the motor, ESC and prop got to :confused:
I do remember the nicad pack was insanely heavy and with an old 4ch radio with no expos or DR made it very difficult to fly :black_eyed: I am hoping with some new technology it will be much easier, I have my DX6i so mixing, rates and expo will be no problem.

Here are some specs:

  • 1260mm wing span
  • 400mm fuselage length
  • Weight without electronics approx 250 grams
  • Motor mount diameter 30mm

What I am thinking of doing:
The foam has a few dents but is in reasonable condition, it has elevons but they aren't in the photos.
Removing the centre wing joining glass fibre reinforcement, which hasn't stuck very well, then inserting a couple of carbon fiber stiffening rods and laminating the whole wing with thin balsa, then monokote over the top.
A couple of HXT900 servos & some wing tip fins.

What are your thoughts, do I rebuild or buy new? Any ideas on motor and prop combo?

Maybe use MG-90S servos instead for more precision and strength?
Yeah I would certainly go with servos with a bit more "umph" and precision....plus you are really going to to want metal gear or at very least karbonite....may I suggest my favorite PowerHD DSM-44 http://www.servodatabase.com/servo/power-hd/dsm-44....also found one vid of this thing flying

given its age....i would make sure that foam core is not "crumbly"


Junior Member
Thanks for the help so far guys. As for centre of gravity do I apply the same 1/3 from the leading edge like with planes, or is it any different for wings?
Finding cg is a little different on flying wings......you are shooting for 15-20% MAC (Mean Aerodynamic Chord)....15% being a bit nose heavy and 20% or more tail heavy. Although I wouldnt recommend 15% for maiden I would aim to be a tad nose heavy until you get familiar with craft. here are a few flying wing calculators that I have used and trust
http://wingcgcalc.bruder.com.br/en_US/? this one is my personal fav.

just measure off all required dimensions, input into one of the above calculators with the %MAC you desire and whaaaalaaa!