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Advise for travler first flight fest east


New member
I am planning a trip to Flite Fest from San Francisco. New to the hobby and want to come build and fly my first plane there. Planning to come with a tool kit and buy everything there including transmitter / receiver.

Debating between renting an RV or renting a car at the airport and getting a close by hotel. Any advise or direction to RV rentals or the closest decent hotel?

Thanks and looking forward to meeting folks, having fun and learning a lot!



Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
Howdy Paul.

I'm sure you will have some suggestions shortly. In the meantime would you post a short intro about yourself?

I have been with the forum for years but this will be my first Flite Fest. It should be quite a good time according to everyone.

Welcome to the forum.