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Aerial Video/Cinematography Techniques

After watching the lastest Flitetest video, it has inspired me to put more thought and effort into my FPV adventures.

Does anyone know of any resources (tutorials, blogs etc) on Aerial video/cinematography techniques?? I guess what I am after are different standard pans, actions, reveils or things to think about when filming a subject. I am holidaying in Paris over the next couple of weeks and what to collect some amazing footage from my Batbone (super'd up) w/GoPro3.


Dedicated foam bender
I would think that standard boom techniques and dolly type shots would be a good start. Of course with a tri, you're not ground bound and limited, so the swings can be more extreme end to end. Keep it smooth of course, and do not fly near people that are unaware of your model! Pay attention to the safety aspect and don't become ammo for the anti-drone lobby.