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After 30+times crash I fly an other 39 times, I feel I can touch the sky now!!


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Thanks for guys' advice and encourage.. This help me a lot, and I also record my last fly time. I fly the FT-Versa Wing last saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM in the morning. I can feel the improvement of my flying skill. a little, but fun! so happy~ I feel I can touch the sky now. keep up :) But at last my wing is broken can't repair anymore. So I must start to build a new one. I just like this wing. thanks rc guys, and flitetest. I think I will build more :) here are the video.

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All I can say is congrats....
Your air frame is still in one piece.
I think that this thread should be testimony to the "perfect learning frame".
My personal crash bill is way up there because I always flew brand name prebuilt frames and I only have one still standing "my flying ball of hot glue.. Um p-51".
Thanks for sharing mate, I am envious of your least spent expense for crashing.


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Oh btw a hair drier does wonders for foam creases. I fixed my micro A10 using a hot hand held hair drier to pull out the creases in the foam.


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Hi Andy, nice progression there! You got some good landings and I even saw one figure 8 pattern in the middle! That's actually, one of the best ways to learn, I think. Get some altitude, and fly a pattern repeatedly to get used to the handling, orientation changes, etc. Were you keeping the Versa low for the camera? While that makes for better video's (thank you!), it is going to make it harder for you to react. Just bring it up high and get used to flying. I would add a bit more expo on your aileron and elevators. What settings were you flying on? Anyway, nice job on progressing so quickly and thanks for sharing your experience!


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Handlaunching and landing are the most dangerous times for my airframes. Once I manage to get one up to altitude I try to fly for as long as possible, but, what I do is irrelevant. You appear to be doing a wonderful job, the wing is an intimidating airframe.
Thanks guy. Yes this frame is surely durable. I crashed it more than 100 times. but it is still one piece as your said.
You air frame's name is so funny :)
I think every crash has its value. I just want crash more & build more LOL
Thank you for you reply.something is very important for me. I think I learn lots of your experience. I will do more practise like you told to me. I do not take camera on the wing. I'm just afraid of high altitude :( If I fly next time I will shoot the video also :)
The launching I think it is easily than landing. I can handle the launching most of time, and a lot of crash & damage were cause by landing, I think I must fly more to find the feeling.


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This is one of my favorite threads.
"I crashed" is always awesome when followed by "I flew". The joy of the hobby right here in andycho's own words.