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Aileron Servo Connection

Absolute first time RC builder, so this may be a real stupid question.

I'm only getting 1 of my ailerons to move when commanding a turn. I have a Y-connector hooked up to port 2 of a Spectrum AR410 receiver. When both servos are hooked up to their respective "sub-ports" (?) of the y-connector, only 1 aileron servo actuates. If I swap which servo is hooked to which sub-port, the other servo actuates. Both actuations are in the proper direction for the turn requested (ie opposite of eachother). I have made sure the the y-connector sub-port connections are proper (yellow to yellow, red to red, brown to brown). It seems to me that one side of the y-connector is dead. Anyone have any thoughts? Any way to test for a dead side of a y-connector? If it helps, I'm using a Spectrum DXe transmitter, ES9051 servos, and the y-connector that comes with Power Pack #2 from FliteTest.

Thanks for any and all help!

Visual Explanation

Y Connector Port--Servo--Result
A--L--Servo L Moves
B--R--Servo R Inop

A--R--Servo R Moves
B--L--Servo A Inop


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It does sound like problem in the Y connector if you have a OHM meter you can check for continuity. Check to be sure the contact pins on the Y connector are all pushed in give each wire a little tug to see if any of the wires come out of the plug. You can pull each wire out of the connector by using a small screw driver and lifting up the tab that holds the connector in to see if they are crimped correctly. The tab is where you can see the shinny part of the connector each wire has it`s own tab. If this all checks out and you can solder I would cut the Y connector apart where they are joined and look for a bad, broken wire, or bad solder joint. If found then resolder using heat shrink between all connections.


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I second that. Sounds like a bad cable. Inspect it close for anything obvious (bent pins). Otherwise replace it or if you have the patience and skill fix it.
Thanks folks...finally pulled out the meter...learned how to use it...and found a bad orange wire. Wrote to Flite Test to see what kind of warranty they have. If nothing, I'll open it up and try to fix it myself. I appreciate all of the quick help!