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Help! AIO power hog? why the brown outs?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I have a dipole AIO camera. I have had great success with it flying around my local field on a 1S battery. Every time I plug it into the receiver board for power instead (3-ch glider), I seem to get brown outs.
Can anyone here help me diagnose the real issue?

I have using radio link system with the r6ds receiver.


Eternal Student
Rx brownouts are usually caused by overloading the BEC that supplies the power to it. It's possible that the 180mA that the camera draws is enough extra to overload your BEC. The easiest solution would be to continue to use a separate battery to power the camera, or upgrade the ESC/BEC on the plane.


Master member
I also had that happen with a Eachine AIO, with a cloverleaf. In my case my ESC was actually overheating and going into thermal shutdown, but when that happened then the plane would go down. I was running two 6-gram servos and the camera from an ESC with a 1a BEC. I think the ESC just didn’t have enough BEC power. This was on an F pack wing. The ESC I bought to replace it was a “Hobbywing Flyfun 12ae” with a 2a BEC. Now I’m using it in a mini mustang with 3 servos and the same AIO, no problems so far.

Good luck!


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Video transmitters can be pretty power hungry. I prefer not to power cameras off the TX, I would rather run them off a separate ubec connected to the flight battery or the flight battery direct if they can do that.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
At the time... I didn't think much if it. but That may be it.

Looking at the ESCs I have in there... XXD 30A, and the JMT generic 30A 2-4A ESCs, claims 3A or 2A respectively.