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Air Brakes - Extra 330SC


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Arron Bates, product developer and team pilot for 3D Hobby Shop talks with us about his custom designed air brake system. On location at the 2012 Ohio Huckfest, we have a chance to learn more about Arron's giant scale 50cc Extra 330sc and watch it's maiden flight!

arron-bates-air-brake.jpg Aaron-bates-air-brake-3.jpg

With the air brakes positioned out on each wing tip, Arron has essentially invented asymmetrical air-brake maneuvering capabilities with his Extra 330. The idea with the air brakes is to allow for very extreme yaw control and do some wild aerobatics.

Aaron-bates-air-brake-6.jpg Aaron-bates-air-brake-2.jpg

To help keep the momentum of the air break's yaw effects Arron has also modified the rudder. He removed the fin and enlarged the rudder.


It's exciting to see a maiden flight of a giant scale plane with such a unique modification. The fact that Arron got it to fly, do some cool aerobatics and land it safely says a lot about his piloting skills as well as his design skills. It'll be interesting to see how this air brake system evolves as Arron continues to improve and modify it.

Aaron-bates-air-brake-4.jpg Aaron-bates-air-brake-7.jpg

We want to thank Arron for taking the time to talk with us about his customized Extra 330sc!

To see more of Arron's flying check out his Vimeo page here: https://vimeo.com/user788751/videos

Also, check out 3D Hobby Shop http://www.3dhobbyshop.com/


Pirate ParkFlyer
I don't see much point in it and the flight was less than impressive. With a little work though I bet it could be something special..