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Is someone of you using an airbrush?

I have had one for years but never really started to use it...I think I can count all tests on 1 hand during what past 20 years or so...

Anyway - I do have an old double-action Kager 2101 airbrush...
I did this with 7 drops of Faskolor(pure) and it took about 20 minutes with the help of some freehand and french curves


What you can see are some freehand dagger strokes and some freehand text far left. An attempt to fill an area even (center) and of course the flames... the red parts was already on the wing but painted using crappy colors.
No masterpiece - just some attempts on flames on a piece of scrap Depron (actually a wing)

I do need new curves as the ones I used today are cut with scalpel from Depron with jagged edges as the result...

The plan is to paint my DIY foamie Sukhoi

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I'm a disaster with an airbrush. But, my buddy, the art teacher, is (um...) an artist! He does some amazing work and he'll be painting the fpv flying wing I'm building. Can't wait to see how that turns out!
I went by a local store today and bought a 2nd airbrush.
This one is gravity feed compared to my old one that is siphon feed


It requires less air pressure and has 3 extra cups for easy color changes.

Now I can have 2 colors at the same time in each of the airbrushes - one is equipped with a 0.2 needle and 1 has 0.3 for larger details /covering
OK -then I know what to expect from me :D

Today I spent a few hours cleaning up my old airbrush - it is fit for fight. I outlined all parts to cut out for the crazy Sukhoi on a sheet of Depron. Will cut parts tomorrow - I have to buy a new hose for the new airbrush as the couplings are not the same...while I was at it I also purchased a nifty stand that can hold the airbrushes safely...