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airplanes suggestions

luke k

Active member
i want some more warbirds but they all cost so much, i don't need it to be easy to fly,i just need it to be cheap and look scale.

luke k

Active member
i just want to have more warbirds(if you know what i mean) so either one is fine. and i was thinking the mighty mini corsair to.


Master member
For about $130 each, Motion RC has the Flightline 850mm (33") P-51 Mustang and Fw 190 Dora. Both look pretty good, and are reported to fly very well. The biggest drawback for both is that there is no option for landing gear. They are strictly "toss 'n' boss," and belly-in for a landing. Honestly, when you factor in the cost of the electronics, this isn't much more than what I'd expect to spend building up a Flite Test bird.

The Flite Test P-51 isn't perfect scale, but it still looks pretty good when assembled right, and flies like a dream. The Storch is technically a warbird, in that it was a workhorse for both the German and Italian militaries during WWII, as reconnaissance, forward support, and medevac aircraft. While it may not have the glamor of the fighters, it has been considered the finest aircraft of its class at that time, and the Flite Test version is a terrific plane to fly.

You haven't said what you already have, or what your building or flying skill level might be, so we're going strictly on conjecture here. This is a pretty helpful group, but more information would likely get you better answers.


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if you are scratch building I think a good option is to get the mighty mini corsair, it's pretty to scale and cheap. (warning: this advice is coming from a noob)
I built a Corsair out of Elmer's foam before I even knew what I was doing, she turned out not so pretty.
Now it didn't fly but I never attempted to put electronics in there, it was purely a proof of concept for me, as in tiling plans and cutting and gluing.

My point being that the Corsair could be what you want, just know it takes patience.

Ugh I can't believe I'm showing this abomination.
If you like the Mini ASeries I just built a couple of rockin little warbirds by @MiniacRC... View attachment 170123
These are the P-47 and the FW-190 he designed. These are a more involved build being they are of the master series techniques but re so rewarding in the end, I cant stop looking at them. I just started his B-25 as well
Out of curiosity where did you end up on the scale?