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Airsoft Gunship - The Kraken (Giant Wing)


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The Kraken is a giant wing scratch built swapple project that we created for our Kickin' it with Kenny TV appearance.
We had so much fun with the foam board flying wing that we took it to NEAT Fair 2013.

We equipped The Kraken with a semi-auto airsoft gun for an air to air combat challenge.

The Kraken is a 180% enlarged FT Versa wing featuring two motors which gives the airplane differential thrust.

Flying FPV Josh and Josh plan to shoot down David who is flying his wing equipped with a marker.

This is the FPV view that Josh has for aiming and shooting the gun.

David's FPV viewpoint, his goal is to try and mark on Josh's giant wing.

Please don't try this at home! We do stuff like this, so you don't have to :)

We'd like to also thank ChickenSushimi.com for the cool FPV shirts!

You can learn more about the great FPV and R/C related swag they have available HERE
Thanks again for all of your support!
Awsome to see you tried this out! And I would love to see you revisit this one :)
Don't know if you manage to check all the different articles, but I actually posted a thread a couple days ago, regarding this.

Those french guys in the videos, have some cool approaches to implementing the guns in the airframe. Thus reducing drag.. etc.
Pretty sure you guys can put a little Flitetest feel to the whole idea :)


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Fantastic! What about two airplanes with forward looking fixed guns dog fighting one another, I guess the same guns as in the French video would work better. Can't wait for the quick build.


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Must... Have... Plans!!!!

That looked like a lot of fun. I think the sharpie dried out.... Maybe a sponge soaked in paintball paint like they did on Mythbusters for there zombie episode AXE....

Looking forward to more videos from you guys... I am new to the RC community and you guys have the best job!!


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Hey Guys, I cant get enough of your website and videos I have built about 5 versa wings now with different power setups mostly pushers and am working on a pusher with an 11-5.5 prop and a 35 size motor....going for speed! I cant wait for the plans for the Kraken...so I will say it "Release the Kraken"....(plans) Ha