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Ak Flyer's nitro heli maiden flight.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I finally finished my Century .30 nitro heli enough to put it in the air. I had my brother grab my camera and the first five flights were successful. I love this heli. It's amazingly stable. I can't wait to keep tuning it and get it just right. Then I can really start pushing my luck, go inverted etc.


Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
Nice maiden Ak......my 450 maiden didnt go anything like that.....it ended in pieces so i no they are nerve racking ordeals you did a great job ....nice one


How many letters do we ge
Looking good, especially when you get it out for some figure 8's.

A few wiggles (e.g. 3:53) - tail gain a tad high? Or nervous thumbs?

Good stuff!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Thanks. I tuned down the gyro a bit and I'm loving it. I just posted another video with some more aerobatics. You can't see it that well but if you're looking for it you'll see a flip and loop. I also got the blade 400 back out and did some flips, tick tocks, inverted for about ten seconds, then wadded it up and did the funky chicken lol. It's back in the air though, thanks to some encouragement from my 8 year old daughter. I managed to do successful flips with my mCPx, Blade 400 and Century .30 all the same day without crashing. I love helicopters.
Looked great you are giving me some inspiration to get my .30 nitro out & have a go, I have only spooled it up twice but never got enough courage to lift it off the ground yet, I have a 325e Mini Titan that I practice with & in the last two flights NO Crashes :).

Keep up the good work.