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Alien 5" kiss build


New member
Hi there new to the drone world but maybe someone could help me. I have recently built an alien 5" with kiss esc 24a a kiss fc and and x4r with sbus controller is a taranis qx7. I hooked everything up flashed escs and fc I set it all up according to video my controller works when my fc is plugged into the kiss GUI all controls work perfectly bit when I actually plug in the lipo the arm switch works the blue light goes on and off but the motors won't spin at all if there are any suggestions it would be a great help thank you


Wake up! Time to fly!
Did you do all the radio set ups properly with center sticks using sub trims and then set the end points at 1000 and 2000 respectively for each channel?

This video is made using beta flight but has the same situations that can arise in any FC / gui. See if this helps at all.