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You can, you need a y-harness cable to attach the two servos to one channel on the receiver. And then mount the servos facing the opposite direction, so when one rotates one way, the other rotates the opposite.


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You also can use only one servo like this.

This one also controls a tailwheel. This one is on a highly modified Bloody Baron. (low wing)

What type of plane are you considering for the ailerons?


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Look at that.. the FT FORUM family for the WIN! Love seeing people helping people! Keep up the awesome work everyone and as always happy flying ;)



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Yes, as mentioned above it is quite simple. Du-Bro actually makes a set of torque rods for single servo aileron control to allow the fitting of the servo internally in the fuselage.

Mind you there are a number of designs on the internet that fly as full RC that only have a single functional aileron, (See Quick Trick - from Outerzone) They work quite well also.

Whilst you are researching Aileron installations and methods you should also do a little research into aileron differential. Properly setup ailerons are sweet but poorly setup they can be rather nightmarish!

Have fun!