All Terrian Landing Gear

Would anyone like an All Terrain Landing gear tutorial for a sharp looking heavy duty set of landing gear. I wouldn't mind doing the tutorial if I get some responses to this post. I have attached a few pictures showing the landing gear design.




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Seriously now, I admire the work, but have 2 main concerns. First concern is the over all weight. To me a landing gear setup has to be just heavy enough to survive a single take off and a single landing with no damage which is permanent, (deformation is OK when landing roughly).

The second concern is the brittle nature of the wooden legs with holes drilled at stress points and the seeming lack of lateral or side impact resistance except for the integral strength of the wooden legs measured across their minimum dimension.

As for whether you should post the design and construction work, I welcome it. I am always looking for solutions which I can use or even adapt for my own usage.

Please post the tutorial along with any testing of load handling vertical, fore and aft, and the lateral loads. I will await your tutorial with interest.


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How big is that plane you've got it hooked up to? Looks like a really wide body. Like the look of the angles you've got in there, interested to see how you dealt with the mounting and how much it all weighs :)

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the weight I would say is actually extremely light I at the moment do not have a weight calculation but I can quite certainly get you one. And the overall strength of the design is actually a lot stronger than you think the wood at that thickness can support a lot of stress. I have a similar setup on another plane that has flown over large rocks(my gravel driveway) and hits hard sometimes and has held up fine over the course of about a year.
thanks @rockyboy.The airplane is one I just started working on about a week ago and it has an approximate wing span of 90 inches. the fuselage is around 50 inches and it looks sorta funny but I have hopes it'll fly and I'm sure it will. I will keep everyone posted on flight performance. Unfortunately I have no weighed the gear; But I can say that I have a very similar setup on another plane that is around half the size of this one that is powered by an old park 480 i believe out of my old Parkzone Extra 300 that seems to do just fine.