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alternative motor for David´s Tricopter insted DT750....

Hi Guys,
I´m a newbie within Tricopters, but i´m short before my first flights!
Since weeks I wait for the "on Stock" post of Hobbyking DT700/DT750 Motors, but without success.
Few days ago I´ve read the SUPPO 2212/13 Motors are perfect for the multicoopter, and this morning I´ve ordered for my project.
.... but now, "epiphanic realization" the testreport for this motors was for Quads, oh my god!

Now I´m afraid that the ordered 2212/13 are too smal for my tricopter 2.5 =(3S 2200Mah with lightweight Horizon V3 instead heavy Gopro version....)
What do you think about my constellation? Is there an chance to fly with it?

By the way, which motors as alternative for DT-750 (at best cheap motors from Hobbyking) are possible for the tricopter?

Thanks for your help....


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these make a great replacement, NTM 28-26 750kv. I have heard they are more efficient as well.

as for the motor you have, yeah, it is a little under powered. the most thrust it can make (according to the charts) is 820gr with an 10x6 on 3s. only pulling 13 amps. should work fine if you use a little bigger prop, like that.

here is a link to the test.
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I bet the motors you ordered will work OK. I regularly use motors interchangeably between my quad and tri-copters.

What about the rimfire 28-22 1380 kv? I got those with 8x3.8 sf props and ss-12 esc with 5k mah 3s lipo. After 2 3 mins it seems to loose power and slowly decent.