Alternative Receivers brand experiences

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I wonder what you all have experienced with the non name brand receivers, both good and bad.
I use DSM2 and DSMX. I use Spektrum and Lemon. I love the Spektrum AR610 and AR400 but the antennas break off and they are expensive. I have been using the Lemon 4 and 6 channel model. Occaisionally, it seems they lose signal but they have been pretty reliable for the cost. I have a few more of the Lemons than the Spektrums. Thoughts?


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Zero signal loss on the Lemon ones, both with and without satellite. No failures so far.
Not tried Orange as the small ones were out of stock every time I wanted them!


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I use the lemons. I have some simple 6ch ones and a few of the more expensive stabilized ones. Never going back to Spektrum.


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i use whatever i can get my hands on and a multiprotocol module. the lemon satellites do not have a bind button or pin. can't get it to bind with dsmx or dsm2.


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I use a dx8e with all sorts of lemon RX's and haven't had issue yet. The cheaper lemon Rx was the main reason I switched from Flysky to Spektrum.


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I have about 15 Lemon receivers and not one little glitch, I have 13 of the new Orange Gen 2 10 channel with telemetry and they have also been 100% so far. I have only been using these for almost a year, the early Gen 1`s I would get a flaky flight once in a blue moon but never lost total control.


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When I was using my Futaba 7C I bought more FrSky FASST compatible receivers than I did Futaba brand. The TF series, which worked very well for me. I found them far more affordable than Futaba, typically 1/3 to 1/2 the price of a comparable Futaba rx.

But now I use a FrSky transmitter so...I guess I'm back to using 'name brand' receivers. :LOL:
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