AMAIN Hobbies and local fires


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Hey all just read an email about fires effecting AMains employees with several losing their homes.

If possible keep an eye on your emails or Amains site in the next few days as they will be starting a proper place / way to help them out.

This is a very violent and devastating way to lose your home so maybe we as a community can step up and ease some of that stress somehow.

Post up ways to help them if ypu can. Things like cloths and furniture are always good if financial means are not available.

Donations to what ever Amain starts as well as donating to their local redcross may help as well.

They recently became part if Flite Test family so yall know what to do if you can.

Edit.. here us a copy if the message I got.

We have been affected by a major fire that has engulfed a nearby community today and has not been contained. Many of our employees have lost their homes in this tragedy and we are allowing them to take whatever time they need to ensure their families safety. We will continue to take and process orders, but we will be short staffed for the rest of the week and expect shipping disruptions as major highways have been closed. Please keep our families in your thoughts and prayers while we monitor the fires and recover.

We know that many of you will feel compelled to help in any way that you can. We are planning to put together something official early next week, letting you know how you can help
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Man...These California wildfires are HORRID. I'm probably 150 mi. south, but I can see the haze from it. So many friends of mine who are in the Hollywood/Woodland Hills areas are posting pictures where the sky is ORANGE or RED because of the sun coming through the smoke. If you're in one of the areas affected by fire, have your "go" bag (as in, "I gotta go, and I gotta go NOW!") ready, packed with medications, change of clothes, bottles of water, important documents like passports and deeds, spare cash, etc. in case evacuation crews come through and tell you to go. And if they do, GO! Don't wait around; GET THE HECK OUTTA DODGE!


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Im about 85 miles away and the smoke is horrible. Schools been closed for a few days now.


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Wow. I hope they stay far away from you guys.

Just to get this back up top.. remember the people I mention have already lost their homes and posessions. Keep them in mind specially this time of year.