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Amazing Cheap Helicopter Engine

Hey love the flite test shows I noticed there has been a lot more nitro engines showing up which is great
and everybody loves good quality cheap products.

so I have been using this engine in my trex 600n for the last year and a half and it has not missed a beat
this is doing some pretty rough aerobatics too and the engine only cost £47 delivered
so if your looking for a decent nitro engine for dirt cheap look no further ASP 52

take a look at my video of me putting through its paces if you would like



Helicopter addict
Cool! I think I want to try some fuel stuff next season, so this might do it :) . 600 size would be great for that.

I'll watch the YT video later, I'm at work now.


Fly Angry
I would be wary of ASP motors. My nitro buggy came with one and it was one of the worst motors I have seen or used. Their machining is not as closely checked as it should be and some of the metal forgings are not much above matchbox car white metal grade. I was not the only one as many many have had the same problems with wrist pins snapping and cracks in crankshafts. I did a whole write up on that motor and posted in a gaming forums off topic area when it happened. Sadly the hd all the pics and write up was on is sitting in a box because it stopped reading reliably.

Do your research before deciding on these motors. Yes some work well but the consistency is hit or miss. When they go they go in a big way and it will cost more in aircraft them landcraft when it happens.