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Rotor Riot has created the most amazing FPV simulator ever. Like all the experts say, if you want to get into FPV, spend 20 hours in an FPV simulator first. After you master the new Rotor Riot FPV simulator, you will "flow like the pros".

The Rotor Riot Drone Simulator

The new Rotor Riot Drone Simulator is finally here! If you are new to FPV, this is simply the best way to start! Developed in partnership with elite pilots, this is as good as it gets for FPV simulators! Available for mobile, desktop and tablet - link below!

For this to be a truly useful tool, we had to ensure that the experience recreated the true art of flying. So we developed the physics meticulously, ensuring the drone behaved as a drone would in the real world.

As Drew Camden notes, "We wanted to create something that wasn't just perfect, but human."

Our sim will give you the opportunity to explore unique environments, test different drones, learn about PID tuning, and much more!

As Alex Vanover put it, "do all of the things that an FPV Pilot would want to do."

Master the skills you'll need to go from a beginner to a top tier FPV Pilot!

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"Unique FPV Environments: An FPV Pilots Dream"

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