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AMP 2.5 Falling Issue


Junior Member
I have (4) quads with AMP 2.5/ GPS that I have built. Learning and tuning the AMP's was quite frustrating but after a few weeks and many crashes I did get them to fly great. The next step was putting FPV gear on them and retuning for the added weight of the gimbals', GoPro and video transmitter and small 150 ma battery. I put a bean bag on the quads to simulate the added weight and then flew that and retuned. The retuning went ok and I got the quads to fly great. In further testing I experienced 3 & 1/2 min. of good flight and then the quads would suddenly on their own cut throttle to 10% or maybe auto rotate and drop from the sky. I have had this happen to three of them now and I'm puzzled as to how to correct the issue. My setup is: 450 quad frame, HK 2830s 800 kv motors, HK Afro 30 amp speed controllers,16 Gage power harness, 2200 ma 3s battery, 10x4.7 sf props. I have subsequently replaced the AMP's with Naza M V2's using this same setup as above on all 4 quads. Now they all fly great with no problems. I would like to get the AMP's working but I need to figure out the sudden dropping problem first. I don't think this issues is a bad board since three of them did the same thing. Have you ever heard of this issue?

Thank You