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Amphibious Guinea?


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“Someone” just came home from Flite Fest with two boxes of waterproof foam board..... 🤔😉
I wish I had the space... :( I could have left the boys with there and put in 4 boxes instead :unsure:

I have a spruce gosling project I will be finishing up very soon. I have waterproofed the servos and corrosion X'd the boards. I haven't epoxied the escs. I have to glue the nacells on and
I don't have WP foam board. but I DO have TOO many bottles of Scotch guard Waterproofing gear spray for Camping. I plan to do a light Keep a lookout, as I will be updating doo.

This site has a bunch of great history on the Boeing 314 Clipper,
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The Clipper was just one of several times that Bill Boeing bet the Company - and WON BIG!
I'm definitely an Aviation Nerd, and love to soak up all the early Aviation History I can get.
Thanks for a new story for me! :)


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My supply is getting a bit low... I Better get some on order!

Anyone know anything about the thick flitetest foam board?
I'd love to know too....
If for nothing more than stiffer Spars and Lightweight Fuse reinforcement/doublers.
I also wish they would sell it by the sheet - for us Po Folk!


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Anyone know anything about the thick flitetest foam board?
I think it's really in a state of flux, I got more questions than answers...

Will it be offered in the same size as the current foamboard? (almost has to be due to shipping, etc) but that means LOTS of seams...

My guess is that the sheets will be larger, but will come with a seam (as many pieces in speed build kits do) so it will be like two regular sheets, but you will have to unfold and glue the seam.

Just my .02 from the vague info I heard at FF...