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An Evening With Flitetest

Hey, gang! I just wanted to pop in to offer up a link to our latest installment of TheCrashCast. This one is special, as two of our hosts get to visit with Chad, Josh B., and David!

Coordinating all our busy schedules resulted in the only recording time available to be when Tim and I were away at SEFF. I am quite happy, however, that KarlK and Navionflyer stepped up and coordinated this outstanding interview. Listening to it was difficult for me, as I REALLY wanted to be present and in on the discussion! LoL I have been a fan of the Flitetest "product" since I first met the gang at SEFF 2011.

A very special THANK YOU goes out to Chad, Bix, and Dadde for taking the time to visit with my buddies and give us all a glimpse into what all goes on behind the scenes, and THANKS for all that you do to foster and support this great hobby/sport!

Anyway, please check out this latest show! An Evening With Flitetest


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Crash... interesting name.

29:00 into the show, the topic comes up, care to elaborate?

This was an awesome interview. I laughed, a lot.

It was a whole different side to the crew we've gotten to know through the produced videos.

Some of the best parts were the back stories as to how they come up with some of the crazier elements of the shows. Like the Fowl Flier or Slap Bets.

Did I mention I laughed, a lot? It was the next best thing to sitting around a camp fire with the guys after a day of flying.

Check it out.


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That was fantastic! Loved getting a little more insight in to the Guys from Flite Test!!! I also love the fact that I've only just heard of TheCrashCast! That means I've heaps of Podcasts I can listen to in the Car now!!


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Welcome Crash! I met you at night bowling this year at SEFF. (You sat in one of our chairs to hide from the planes for a little while) Been digging the pod cast since then. With a little luck I'll see you at night bowling again next year. I might have something special just for the event too. Keep doing what you are going man. We dig it the most.

Anymore unicorn reports since SEFF or did that broken leg mean you had to put him down? lol
The unicorn lives, but I don't fly it any more. LoL It was a SEFF 2013 project only.

I remember you! That Night Bowling was a total hoot and I can't wait to see what you come up with next year, bud!