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I'm teaching my six year old to fly and he is doing well with his duet, but even with a plane that can do minimal damage I am trying to teach him propeller safety. It is the one thing that scares me about potentially moving him up into larger motors. Lipos I can control and I have been teaching him about not draining them zero, but propeller safety requires repeated practice. I did buy him a pair of kids polarized safety glasses, which I highly recommend flite test start selling. Even small propellers can seriously damage an eye. I will be showing him some of the injuries on thus forum to hammer the idea of propeller safety home.


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Way to be a Dad and properly teach your boy and not "preach" to him. Prop bites are gonna happen. Powered or un powered. Hopefully his first experience will be un powered so he can learn first hand just how sharp they can be. I can't tell you how many nicks and scars are on my fingers now just from all the prop changing I do between building and set up to replacement after crashing my quads all the time. Paper cuts got nothing on a gnarled up nicked prop cut.

Just don't scare him outta the hobby. Some of the pictures are pretty graphic.. I know I have posted some of them as examples. The David Windesthal video on prop safety is a good example though as thats uses hot dogs instead of fingers.



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Now now, preaching isn't always welcome, sometimes it stings, but it isn't bad in itself.

Impressing lessons on others can always be tricky. Some learn the easy way (they take advice). Some learn the hard way (they need to experience it themselves). Some never learn. I've got kids and grandkids and they're all different. The trick is to help them learn at the least painful level that still gets the point across. Too much can be brutal. Too little can set them up for a rude awakening later on. At least you care enough to put some thought into it. Way to go Dad.

Ok, I'm done with this soapbox.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Good way to think mate. Any thing to keep your kids safe from the simple "Stove is hot" to pay attention to your surroundings so you don't end up in a bad place at the wrong time type things as they get older.

Keep lookin out for him and he will do well I am sure. Its the consistency that makes things work. Not to mention if you do safe he will follow suit naturally because Dad did it this way.